New announcement, 11th May 2023

IIMHL to partner with the League for Mental Health in Slovakia

The League for Mental Health in Slovakia joins organizations from Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and USA as members of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL).

IIMHL connects mental health leaders to spread innovation and share best practice to improve mental health and addiction services around the globe.

The new partnership with the League for Mental Health Slovakia is a positive addition to IIMHL’s network and comes at a time when there is increasing interest locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to develop new approaches in mental health, disability and addiction.

IIMHL facilitates shared learning and development, providing a platform for leaders to work together on an international level to address inequalities and create opportunities for individuals and organizations to grow.

Steve Appleton, Chief Executive and President of IIMHL said: “I am delighted to welcome the League for Mental Health as a new member of IIMHL. The League is a progressive organization, focused on improvements in mental health across Slovakia and developing leadership as part of that.

As we continue to work with a wider range of leaders and countries, having colleagues from Slovakia will enrich our network hugely. They have already achieved positive changes and played a key part in European mental health development. I am looking forward to working with them.”

Andrej Vršanský, Chief Executive of the Slovakian League for Mental Health said: “This is an exciting opportunity for us to extend our reach across the globe. We have learnt much from the initial collaboration with IIMHL over the last 18 months as an observer member. The Leadership Exchange in Dublin 2022 cemented our League’s commitment to learn from international colleagues and we look forward to building stronger relationships over the coming years.”

Sean Russell, European Lead for IIMHL said: “I am very pleased to collaborate with the League for Mental Health Slovakia and especially grateful to work with Andrej Vršanský who has demonstrated excellent leadership.

“The League is an organization that demonstrates a commitment to learning and sharing knowledge and expertise. It is committed to shaping policy and practice in Slovakia for individuals living with poor mental health and working with IIMHL will enable it to have access to leaders across the globe to help advance their ambitions.

 “It is fantastic to see another European organization joining IIMHL and I look forward to working with them and broadening our reach across Europe.”

The League for Mental Health Slovakia will further strengthen the combined efforts of IIMHL’s collaboratives to share experience and benchmark to better understand mental health, disability and addiction. By inspiring leaders to tackle inequalities, embrace diversity and encourage inclusivity IIMHL’s member countries, organizations and individuals are helping to create a better future for all.