A full life for all people with a disability


Please see individual match summaries and match articles (more to come soon) from the 2018 IIDL Leadership Exchange below.  For consolidated reports and presentations, please click on the links provided below:



  Match Title

Report Article/Presentation Match Host Intro Video
Leadership - Independent Living     VideoIcon-Half
2 Personalised Budgets and Individualised Funding - Adaptable bank services     VideoIcon-Half
 3 Persons with Disabilities - Participation and Democracy     VideoIcon-Half
 4 The Right to Work in Practice - From stigma and segregation to human rights and integration     VideoIcon-Half
 5 Using Family Leadership and Personal Budgets to Create a Meaningful Life - Ireland  

pdf button Janet Klees

pdf button Carey Ann Morrison

pdf button Bobby Noone

pdf button Margaret Rodgers

pdf button Lorna Sullivan

pdf button Aoife O'Toole

When Mental Health Meets Human Rights     VideoIcon-Half



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