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IIMHL / IIDL Network Meeting Program of Events


Welcome to the Network Meeting - Co MCs

Disability: Inspirational Keynote – Voice of Lived Experience from the IIDL Emerging Leaders Network  – Presenter: Emily Ladau

Mental Health: Inspirational Keynote - Voice of Lived Experience and Trauma Informed Care – Presenter: William Kellibrew

Poem by Tunchai Redvers

Emily Ladau



Plenary #1: Disruptive Innovation and Accountability: What can we learn from a Global Perspective? 

Presenter: Dévora Kestel, Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, World Health Organization




Plenary #2 USA Leadership: How our host country is using collective leadership and   action to increase competitive   integratedemployment rates for individuals with disabilities.

 - Chair: Jennifer Johnson, United States Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and HumanServices

 - Eve Hill, Partner, Brown, Goldstein & Levy

 - Karen Lee, Executive Director, Supporting Employment Equality and Community

 - Serena Lowe, Senior Policy Advisor, Center for Policy & Evaluation, Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services




Plenary #3Leadership: Investment Strategies and Action to Support Tomorrow’s Leaders - The Why, How and Strategies for Action

- Chair: Eddie Bartnik, National DisabilityInsurance Agency (Australia)


- Dr. Michael Kendrick, International Consultant, USA

- Rachel Peterson, Yes Disability Resource Centre, New Zealand

- Aisling Blackmore, National Disability Insurance Agency, Australia and panel of Emerging Leaders


Member Countries Panel:Highlighting national and IIDL initiatives

Nordic Cooperation on Disability

 - Chair: Garth Bennie, New Zealand Disability Support Network

 - Maria Montefusco, Senior Adviser and Secretary of the Council of Nordic Cooperationon Disability 

National Initiatives in Denmark

 - Sif Holst, Vice Chairperson of Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark

National Initiatives in Greenland

 - Anders Meilvang, Chairperson of Nunatsinni Inuit Innarluutillit Kattuffiat (NIIK), national umbrella organisation for people with     disabilities in Greenland

 - Christina Johnsen, Tilioq, National Spokesperson for people with disabilities in Greenland

 - Anna Ida Hallgaard Jonssen, Project Manager, Tilioq

 Developments in Scotland

 - Chair: Dr Michael Kendrick, USA

 - Donna Bell, Director for Mental Health, Learning Disability, Neurodiversity and Dementia at the Scottish Government

 - Charlie McMillan, Chief Executive of theScottish Commission for Learning Disability
















D. Bell

VideoIcon-HalfMember Countries Panel




VideoIcon-HalfDevelopments in Scotland


International Leadership Panel - How member countries are leading the wayforward on Access, Accountability and Action

 - Chair: Krista Wilcox, Office of Disability Issues, Canada

New Zealand: Enabling Good Lives

 - Brian Coffey – Director Office of Disability Issues

 - Lauren Jones: Ministry of Health 

Australia: National Disability InsuranceScheme (NDIS)

 - Maryanne Diamond, National Disability Insurance Agency


 - David Nuttall, Department of Health and Social Care

 - Clenton Farquharson, Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

 - Caroline Speirs, Think Local Act Personal(TLAP)


M. Diamond


Match Reports:

 - Chair: Lorna Sullivan, Mana Whaikaha, New Zealand 

Family Leadership

 - Bruce Uditsky, Alberta Association for Community Living, Canada

Citizen Advocacy

 - Ruby Moore, Georgia Advocacy Office, USA


B. Uditsky


Moving Forward:

 -  Poem – Tunchai Redvers

 -  Soka Tribe: Caribbean Vibe

 -  Closing remarks:

 - Bob Glover, Chair of the IIMHL/IIDL Board

 - Fran Silvestri, CEO of IIMHL/IIDL

 - Closing in Protocol with Indigenous Color Guard and Drum Group



David Alonzo video

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