COVID-19 Update Archive

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To view a previous IIMHL & IIDL COVID-19 Special Update, please click on one of the following links:

  1. 2020-10-FEB:   Issue 1  - Educational Fact Sheets
  2. 2020-13-MAR:  Issue 2  - General information including mental health issues, basic hygiene, information for schools etc
  3. 2020-17-MAR:  Issue 3  - Key issues from WHO and John Hopkins University plus more
  4. 2020-18-MAR:  Issue 4  - Self Isolation and Quarantining
  5. 2020-19-MAR:  Issue 5  - IIMHL Countries' Covid-19 Plans & International Updates
  6. 2020-20-MAR:  Issue 6  - Child & Youth
  7. 2020-27-MAR:  Issue 7  - Disability
  8. 2020-13-APR:  Issue 8   - Supporting Frontline and Mental Health and Addiction Staff in the Covid-19 Environment
  9. 2020-22-APR:  Issue 9   - Actions and Resources related to Family Violence
  10. 2020-02-MAY:  Issue 10 - Policies, Actions and Resources related to Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  11. 2020-23-MAY:  Issue 11 - Policies, Actions and Resources related to Mental Health Services for Older People
  12. 2020-19-JUN:  Issue 12 - Resources related to Mental Health and Addiction Technology use across IIMHL Countries
  13. 2020-13-JUL:  Issue 13 - Covid-19: Country Resources for Disability - Canada, Australia & New Zealand
  14. 2020-24-JUL:  Issue 14 - Indigenous Approaches and Solutions
  15. 2020-13-AUG: Issue 15 - Covid-19: Country Resources for Disability - USA and Scotland
  16. 2020-21-AUG:  Issue 16 - Country Resources for COVID-19 and Disability - Australia

 To view a previous IIMHL & IIDL COVID-19 Leadership Briefing, please click on one of the following links:

  1. 2020-07-APR:  Briefing I           - Leadership: Innovations within a Health Crisis: Covid-19
  2. 2020-09-APR:  Briefing II          - Leadership Innovations: Staff Support: Covid-19
  3. 2020-13-APR:  Briefing III         - Leadership Innovations: Country Support: Covid-19
  4. 2020-16-APR:  Briefing IV         - Leadership Innovations: Government Actions: Covid-19
  5. 2020-20-APR:  Briefing V          - Leadership Innovations: Economic Impact: Covid-19
  6. 2020-04-MAY:  Briefing VI         - Covid-19: An international focus
  7. 2020-07-MAY:  Briefing VII        - Covid-19: Research Innovations
  8. 2020-11-MAY:  Briefing VIII       - Covid 19:  Long term impacts on Mental Health & Financial Inequality with - solutions
  9. 2020-15-MAY:  Briefing IX         - How COVID19 could shape our future
  10. 2020-19-MAY:  Briefing X          - The Impact of Covid-19 on Health Inequalities
  11. 2020-21-MAY:  Briefing XI         - COVID19: A Post Covid World - What will it look like?
  12. 2020-26-MAY:  Briefing XII        - COVID19: International Aspects for Future Mental Health Services
  13. 2020-29-MAY:  Briefing XIII       - COVID-19: Integrated Care
  14. 2020-04-JUN:  Briefing XIV       - COVID-19: A post COVID world - It's all about supporting people
  15. 2020-08-JUN:  Briefing XV        - COVID-19: National Approaches to a Better Future
  16. 2020-23-JUN:  Briefing XVI       - Aotearoa/NZ briefing papers re COVID-19: Koi Tū series of papers discussing the implications for Aotearoa
  17. 2020-01-JUL:  Briefing XVII       - Information from the Dutch International Mental Health Hub: Update on COVID-19
  18. 2020-07-JUL:  Briefing XVIII      - Covid-19: Update on Child and Youth Resources
  19. 2020-10-JUL:  Briefing XIX        - Significant Mental Distress and COVID-19
  20. 2020-18-JUL:  Briefing XX         - Public health practices that work for COVID-19
  21. 2020-29-JUL:  Briefing XXI        - Scotland: Actions for COVID-19
  22. 2020-03-AUG: Briefing XXII      - International and National Directions post-COVID-19
  23. 2020-07-AUG: Briefing XXIII     - COVID-19: Equity Issues & Solutions
  24. 2020-11-AUG: Briefing XXIV     - Moral Stress Amongst Healthcare Workers During Covid-19: A Guide to Moral Injury
  25. 2020-18-AUG: Briefing XXV      - International aspects for COVID-19 and mental health in 2020
  26. 2020-24-AUG: Briefing XXVI     - National issues regarding COVID-19 approaches in the UK
  27. 2020-27-AUG: Briefing XXVII    - COVID-19 Issues and Resources for Children and Youth
  28. 2020-04-SEP:  Briefing XXVIII   - Suicide Prevention & Covid-19
  29. 2020-17-SEP:  Briefing XXIX     - National Community Solutions to Covid-19
  30. 2020-22-SEP:  Briefing XXX      - Addiction & Covid-19
  31. 2020-25-SEP:  Briefing XXXI     - National Perspectives from the UK, Canada and the US: Policy imperatives for mental health
  32. 2020-28-SEP:  Briefing XXXII    - International views from the COVID-19 experience: Mental health care and policy directions for the future
  33. 2020-02-OCT:  Briefing XXXIII   - Misinformation and COVID-19: Accurate Information Saves Lives
  34. 2020-06-OCT:  Briefing XXXIV   - Poverty & COVID-19
  35. 2020-09-OCT:  Briefing XXXV    - Health & wellbeing for frontline mental health and addiction workers in the COVID-19 environment
  36. 2020-13-OCT:  Briefing XXXVI   - COVID-19 Report from the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board
  37. 2020-19-OCT:  Briefing XXXVII  - COVID-19: Mental health and wellbeing surveillance report for England
  38. 2020-22-OCT:  Briefing XXXVIII - Covid-19 World Health Organisation: Update on all data and resources
  39. 2020-27-OCT:  Briefing XXXIX   - Covid-19 and the Impact on Mental Health: The importance of non-government organisations (NGOs)