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Step 3: Select Your Match


Once the above steps are complete, you can access the Leadership Exchange VIRTUAL MATCHES listing at the following link. Here you will see the details of the various Matches that have been set up to date and you will be able to choose the Match in which you wish to participate.

All Matches will have a limited number of participants. When you select a particular Match, an automated message to IIMHL staff will advise them of your selection and a confirmation will be sent to you shortly thereafter.

NOTE:  Some IIDL Matches are open to IIMHL Attendees - please click here to view the IIDL matches: IIDL Matches

To view Available Matches or to choose your Match, please click on one of the following links:


Available IIMHL Matches
Select A Match

Step 2: Register - Select Your Country

(Registration closes 30th September 2022) 


To register for the Leadership Exchange, please click on the Register link below to select your Country of Residence. Registration closes 30 September 2022.

 PLEASE NOTE:  If you register for the In-Person Regional Hub Network Meeting and do not attend without prior notice, you will be invoiced $400 USD.


REGISTER - Select Country


Step 1: Join IIMHL


You must be an active IIMHL member to register for this Leadership Exchange. If you are already a member, you may skip this step. However, if you are not yet a member, please click on the following link to Complete a Membership Record. IIMHL administration staff will review your application and activate your IIMHL membership within a day or two, and once this is complete you can move to Step 2 - Register.




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